Sourcing Square

How does it work?

Our professional cloud analysts follow these steps to provide expert design and development solutions with
full-cycle cloud integration


Assessment Integration


Our expert cloud analysts conduct a thorough assessment of your business to identify your goals, understand technical requirements, and evaluate ROIs.


Plan Deployment


Our cloud technologists plan and design the server configuration with entire resource and application integration to deploy cutting-edge solutions.


Solution Optimization


In the last phase, we optimize the entire cloud migration and computing process with real-time implementation and constant support.

DevOps Services


The majority of businesses today use third-party service providers for their server, cloud, and entire IT needs. Sourcing square is one such platform, extending expert outsourcing DevOps consulting for companies worldwide. Let us manage your complete server hosting process at an affordable cost. Our full-stack DevOps services cover the following.

End-to-end Development:
Our DevOps engineers begin with analyzing your server needs, IT infrastructure, and available IT resources. Further, the overall objectives are planned out, assessing the constraints and possibilities with the cloud.

Design Roadmap: We follow the DevOps implementation by taking a refined approach towards designing. We have expertise in 20+ languages to support your cloud development projects with expert command on testing integration.

Executing Plan: The administrations, project and product management tools and processes are developed with DevOps solutions. Then, DevOps experts get down to configure CI/CD testing tools to execute the entire plan with perfection.

DevOps Support: Our experts mentor the entire team to meet the designed DevOps implementation objectives. Additionally, the entire server infrastructure is operated, managed, and modified to provide advanced support throughout your IT objectives.

cloud consulting services

Amazon Web Services(AWS)


Bring on an expert AWS team for your company to provide cloud consulting services. If you are migrating to the cloud or managing your own server, you are doing it wrong. We outsource our AWS cloud consultancy services to ensure maximum efficiency for your small or large businesses. Our experts would assist you with migrating and allocating applications all at once. Ready to get your business running? Consider the following reasons to avail AWS professional services.

Migration: Outsource your entire cloud migration needs and watch us move your multiple applications and infrastructure to AWS. We provide an AWS cloud infrastructure service that enables databases to run through the DNS.

Deployment: Our outsourcing team manages the entire APIs development and deployment through mobile and web applications. We handle the maintenance and security of your servers to ensure scalable operations.

Management: You will receive a custom-designed roadmap for all your application needs. With years of experience in AWS consulting, our experts would guide your IT resources to boost your business ROIs.

Automation: Our team offers AWS cloud services using the latest technologies and tools. We deliver the complete solution, including AWS migration, management, and automation.

Microsoft Azure Services


Get the most scalable solution for optimal development and operations of your cloud. At Sourcing Square, you’ll receive integrated SaaS and PaaS services tailored to your business needs. We take up entire business needs from building, deployment and management of the applications.

Cloud Computing: We provide scalable data processing, dynamic cloud computing, and streamlined networking with third-party services. Our outsourcing team helps your business stand in the marketplace with expert Microsoft Azure solutions for your mobile and web applications.

Data Storage: We take up your unstructured data to ensure scalable data management within the server. We secure the databases with encryption and long-term data retention. The process delivers high-performance computing within the cloud integration server.

Networking and Security: For seamless networking and security of your server, Azure ensures smooth communication and application performance. We cover the domain hosting networking, attending to fast DNS queries. Also, our team filters the traffic for you to secure the entire virtual network.

Integrations: Our outsourcing team develops all phases of web and mobile applications (Android, Windows). Also, all APIs are centrally administered within Azure. As a result, we responsibly deliver the entire lifecycle process for all serverless apps or microservices.