How to do Headhunting in Recruitment?

The traditional recruitment processes are now replaced by headhunting practices to optimize the hiring processes. Precisely, the board of directors, HR department, or the outsourced recruitment representative called headhunters fulfills current hiring needs. Likewise, companies looking to hire in large volume, attract qualified global talent, and hire for challenging roles backed by the expert services of headhunting in recruitment. Businesses automate the hiring process and have the best resources on board.

In the previous processes, recruiters were hunted through elaborate advertisements on the job vacancies making the fresh job seekers send in their resumes. Nowadays, the individuals who are already working and are not looking for a job are the perfect candidates for high-level roles. The idea is also termed as executive search. Thus, these candidates are most desirable with their expertise in the field. In addition, candidates are sought out and encouraged to contact the company in order to speed up the hiring process.

Headhunting Vs. Recruitment 

The terms overlap, and yet there are differences between recruitment and headhunting. Let us discuss these differences.

  1. Recruitment

The recruitment processes are vast and comprehensive, encompassing mainstream hiring. While hiring for the company, recruiters either work outside of the company or within the HR department. Additionally, the process includes checking the CVs and screening the candidates for interviews for the role. 

They also indulge themselves in communicating the needs and requirements of the company to the candidates. Recruiters form connections within the organization by sharing the reservations of new hires, previous employees, or expected hiring. The recruiters also play a dual role by recommending candidates globally and serving as matchmakers.

  1. HeadHunting 

The search for an ideal candidate is a real hassle for companies worldwide. In addition, the pandemic has discouraged formal hiring processes, declining the rate of candidates showing up with resumes in hand. Thus, headhunting takes over to hire the passive talent that holds good experience and is settled at a job. Therefore, headhunters initiate debate between these candidates and the company managers to sign up with the most experienced executive. 

Another factor to be discussed in headhunting is the confidential hiring process. Accordingly, to keep the hiring process private for high-level roles and to observe confidentiality, the headhunters come to the rescue. The approach is to avoid the public posting of jobs and locating top talent that would add massive value to the team. Thus, headhunters convince the talented candidates on behalf of the company to make advancements in their careers. 

What is meant by headhunting in recruitment? 

Headhunting solutions help organizations and businesses with the recruitment processes, from hunting the best candidates to hiring them. Likewise, platforms offer headhunting in recruitment with additional support to companies when initiating their hiring process. Once the highly skilled or executive candidates are extracted through the hunting process, the process of shortlisting is carried out keeping in mind the organization’s personality. 

Wondering what the qualities of a good headhunter are? An efficient headhunter team has a clear understanding of the industries and job specifications. They own the skills to spot emerging talent and the tactics to get the ball in their court. Once the job profiles are analyzed, they identify the top talent to be recruited. Thus, companies hire outsourced headhunters with good people skills, passion, and persistence for the job.  

Recruitment Practices of Headhunting Teams 

There are certain recruitment practices that headhunters follow and execute to provide companies with their best-fit candidates. 

  1. Use Social Media Platform for Confidential Hiring

Nowadays, headhunters mostly rely on LinkedIn to find the industry’s best talent. The presentation of expertise, experience, and skills over social media platforms allows headhunters to directly approach the skillful individuals already practicing in the field. Usually, the offers on wider exposure, pay raises, designation upgrades, and supplication of perks get the candidates to switch jobs. Moreover, in order to upgrade their status, candidates agree to work in executive positions and benefit the company regarding their skills. Headhunters create a transparent environment for the candidate and company for communicating their reservations. 

  1. Schedule In-person Meet-up

Candidates who are currently employed cannot easily communicate with recruiters. Therefore, the headhunters schedule a face-to-face meeting with the candidate to discuss the job description and explain how the candidate fits the role. When companies fail to continue the hiring process of top talents, headhunters go the extra mile to get them on board no matter how long the hassle. Hence, 2021 has witnessed companies hiring headhunter services for their executive recruitment.

  1. State the Facts

Approach the valuable resources with descriptive facts about the company, job, and the headhunting team. Besides, if the headhunter is unsure about their choice, how would the candidate believe themselves to be the perfect fit for the company. Hence, the hunting team should be clear to approach the best fit and convince them about their capabilities. Moreover, the headhunter should mention no false statements about the job or company to deceive the candidate. Honesty and loyalty should be the basic approach to save trouble for both parties. Therefore, when recruiting executives, it is important to state the facts about the company and present its brand faithfully. 

In Conclusion 

Companies hire headhunters to take over their most important and confidential executive hiring process. Rightly so, it is considered the best practice in the corporate world. Therefore, the platform of SourcingSquare presents its outsource headhunting team for companies worldwide. It all comes down to how well the headhunters have introduced your company to talented candidates worldwide. Consequently, hiring should be done efficiently. Also, check how digital technology helps in this pandemic.

Author  | Mubashrah Rahim

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